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Oasis RiskControl System $1950

For two computers (non-simultaneous use)



Requires Microsoft Excel.

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Oasis Risk Control tracks historical trading profits by numerous reporting criteria and helps determine investor risk per trade.  It is the ultimate trading log / Journal.


Oais Risk Control Features:


  • New Online Quotes, Open Trades Net Market P/L, Open Trades Market Value, Quote Information:  Last Price, Volume, Previous Close, Day's High, Day's Low, 52 Week High/Low, Date of Last Sale, Time of Last Sale.
  • New Accont Register to record any account changes, i.e. Margin Expense, Starting Capital, Withdrawal.
  • New Additional Current Account Statistics
  • Trading Log/Journal/Accounting Module tracks your trades.
  • Instant Download of your RiskControl Software.

Thus, RiskControl’s risk reward module is designed to help you define your risk reward parameters, exit points, stop loss limits, profit targets, entry point, amount of capital to commit to a trade, risk/reward ratios, at work dollars, and at work % risk. Therefore, you can make smart choices before making your trade.


The account status window allows you to view all important risk reward ratios on open trades as well as the current profitability of your completed trades.


The trading log allows you to keep track of all your trade. It performs multiple calculations on your trades automatically. It has full support for long and short trading. Trade positions may be edited at any time.


The reporting system is written using Microsoft excels pivot table thus giving you unparalleled power in writing reports. The system comes with predefined reports and charts included, but by using the custom report builder your report possibilities are endless.


What does RiskControl Do?

Risk Reward Calculations:
Current Capital
Default Capital Percent to Risk
Amount of Capital at Risk
Default Stop Loss Percent
Recommended Stop Loss Price
Recommended # of Shares to Buy
Trade Risk Dollars
Trade % of Capital At risk
Trade Price Objective Profit/Loss
Risk Reward Ratio
At Work Dollars
At Work % Risk
Profit and Loss by Month and Year
Chart of P/L by Month and Year
Extensive Risk Reward Analysis
Commission Analysis
Profit and Loss by Strategy
Chart P/L by Strategy
Track Commissions
Custom Report Builder
Custom Chart Builder
Trading Log
Account Calculations:
Starting Capital
Current Capital
Open Trades Risk
Open Trades Price Objective
Open Trades Risk Percentage
Open Trades Risk/Reward
Open Capital At Work
Percent of Capital at work
Actual Total Profit/Loss
Per Trade Calculations:
Account Risk
% of Capital At risk
Price Objective
Price Objective Profit/Loss
Risk Reward Ratio
Actual Profit/Loss
Capital At Work % P/L
Capital At Work % Risk
# of Wins
# of Losses
Open Trades Risk
Open Trades Price Objective
Open Trades Dollars at Work


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