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Oasis Day Trading is a system dedicated to the serious day trader.  This is a real quantum leap system that will compute into the short term future with surgical precision.  A system that quickly adapts to the most current market conditions.  You are probably going to think that this is too good to be true, but it is. 

Oasis compiles and develops years of research and testing.  The system implemented in Oasis has been tested day in and day out for a number of years.  This is as close as it gets to the "Holy Grail".  The idea embedded into this system is so advanced that it makes possible to foreshadow breakouts before they actually happen and keep you into the trade until the last possible second.  Yes it gets ahead of its own time both ways.  Oasis will provide you enough foresight to allow you to get into the trade early.   
Oasis can be used on equities, options, currencies, futures and commodities.  If you can get the data, Oasis will give you the signals.
You can take a look of a sample right below.

We will provide all tools required to use this system and will help you getting set up.  You will benefit from an account from Ameritrade, as they feed the platform that runs the system and will provide you free real time data.  Ameritrade currently provides streaming data for equities, and options.  Nonetheless there is a list of at least 100 other providers and brokerage that are compatible and able to provide you data to feed the trading platform.  We recommend Ameritrade because of the quality of their feeds, strong compatibility, and easiness to set up.

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Oasis is the white indicator that you see in the images.  A cross up the red line indicates a buy signal; A cross of the green line indicates a reinforced signal.  The opposite is true for a sell signal (go short or stay out of a long trade).
You can apply our system to any stock, option, future, or commodity.  It will provide you accurate unbiased buy and sell signals, and bypassing market noise.  Best of all, it will allow you to make your move before the market does.




































































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