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Oasis is a state of-the-art trading system for today's online trader or investor...

It provides powerful and accurate signals, market monitoring, data capture, charting, technical analysis, and portfolio management features for users of a wide variety of real-time, delayed, and end-of-day market data services.  Oasis will monitor and analyze any security type transmitted by your data vendor, in any timeframe including equities, options, ETF's, futures, commodities, and forex.


Oasis is dedicated to serious traders and investors.  This is a real quantum leap system that will compute into the short term future with surgical precision.  A system that quickly adapts to the most current market conditions.


Oasis is also very simple and extremely flexible software package, which comprises Multiple Time Frames technology allowing you to choose different time frames to fit your life style and trades. This software package is designed to provide you some of the most extensive functionality and flexibility available to you.


The combination of Oasis Advanced Trading Systems and Risk Control will provide you precise entry / exit signals along with complete control of your risk / reward ratios, and trade management.


Options chains are available within the trading platform to allow you very quick and easy read of options to leverage positions for your trades or investments.  Theta, Gamma, Vega, and Rho are all available in real time.


An Advanced Screener (Ameritrade accounts) with unlimited scanning possibilities is the last addition to the users of Oasis Platform.  For more information click HERE



Multiple Portfolios & Watch Lists

  • Customized layouts
  • Track unlimited symbols in real-time
  • Microcharts for trends and opportunities at a glance
  • Portafolio Printing

Live, Streaming Charts

  • Bid/Ask data
  • Last executed price
  • Dynamically updating studies
  • Streaming Level II and TOS
  • Unlimited Charts
  • Support for Multiple Displays

Historical Charts

  • Technical charts with more than 120 analytics
  • Candlestick, OHLC, Line, Renko, Point and figure Charting.
  • Heikin-Ashi Candle Technique

Major Indices on Display

  • Choose your favorites to watch the big market moves

Bid/Ask Quotes & Island Quotes

  • Market Book Data
  • Color-coded and easy to understand

Price Alerts

  • Ideal for stops, limits, and buying opportunities
  • Advanced Alert System with email, and phone alerts

Fast Access to Stocks, Futures, and Options

  • Choose the exchanges you want to trade
  • Fast, optimized data feed for real-time information
Access to News
  • News Alerts on demand (right click and alert system).
Stock Research on Demand
  • Right Click research on demand for any stock in your matrix
On demand Trading
  • Right click the chart or level II window for instant  trading at current prices
Portfolio Tracking in Real time
  • Check constantly your opened positions (quantity, cost, market value, P&L), and pending orders. It also tracks your account net liquidation and unrealized P&L.  Get an instant, and clear view of your overall portfolio.
Advanced Scanner
  • Unlimited Stock Screening for technical and fundamental criteria.
  • Customizable Results
  • Sorting, Charting, and Portfolio all fully synchronized




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