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Information about us

Advanced Trading Systems is a company founded in 2006. 

Our experience, and involvement in the field of trading and investing takes us back as far as 1992.

In 1998 we commenced our involvement in the field of day trading. 

Over the years we have developed experience in many specialized fields in both day trading and investing, and on just about anything in between - position trading, swing trading, scalping ...

All the above was combined with superb talent in the mathematics, and computer science fields to evolve into a super product available to the you today.

Our advanced trading systems combined all of those experiences measured in real trading situations, and in real time and packaged them in an algorithmic form available to the public in 2006.

We are proud to provide our customers with professional grade tools that we know are of essence to success in today's investing and trading.


  • Our motto is to create and provide top of the line tools for traders and investors at an affordable price.
  • Our tools can provide professional insight to the beginner as well as the experienced trader. 
  • All of our tools are characterized by easiness of use while at the same time providing harder core tools and functions required by the most experienced and sophisticated traders.
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