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Premiering Oasis trading System. 

Oasis v2.0 is a state of the art advanced trading system for today's online trader or investor.

Oasis provides powerful and accurate trade signals, market monitoring, data capture, charting, technical analysis, portfolio management.. and much more.

This is a truly professional trading system available to anyone who needs accurate trading signals for an investing system or a trading system.

Oasis also separates itself from the rest by offering Risk Control for your trading, which is a very important feature in an investing system as well as trading systems.  You can find more information about our Risk Control here.

Oasis provides trading software as well as investing software to cater to a wide range of needs to trade or invest in stocks, options, currency, futures, and commodities.

Our trading system provides accurate signals on a multiple time frame technology that provides trading signals in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, or month to serve a full spectrum or online trade signals.

That is what makes our investing software one of the most flexible investing systems when it comes to trade signals.  Whether real time or delayed data or whether on intraday charts or monthly charts you are covered.

On top of everything our investing system provides one of the most important part of any investing  software - an Advanced Scanner.  You can filter the entire stock market in seconds for specific stocks under specific criteria, and then bring those stocks into our trading system to generate trading signals under controlled risk.



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Oasis System

Professional Grade Tools for Serious Traders and Investors..

A system that quickly adapts to the most current market conditions.

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